Tuesday, January 5, 2010

'Ello! - My PC is still down...

I'm posting this from the public library; where I hope to check out some more books to read for this week. It's already in the upper 30s at the moment, and seems quite balmy. But it will (according to the weather folks) start snowing tonight, and we'll have a high tomorrow of 25 and a high Thursday of 11. Normal Boulder weather. Of course, besides working on getting my computer back up, in working order, and on-line, I will want good books to read, besides my old faithfuls. I hope to be able to at least use my e-mail by tomorrow morning. I've seen my psychiatrist this morning, gotten a refill of my "happy meds", and have a follow-up appointment in two months. This afternoon I have an appointment to have an MRI of my left knee done... I've been told that the MCL is ripped/blown/totally not working, and they need to see if there is any other damage before deciding how to fix what... I'll let you know when I know.
I took care of the Irish Setters this past week - Rosie and Remy were quite miffed with me because I didn't let them steal items off the counter tops while I was working in the kitchen. I made two peach cobblers, a dozen banana-nut muffins, a dozen blueberry muffins, a dozen raspberry muffins, four dozen cherry-strawberry-raspberry-blueberry scones, and a triple batch of brownies on Saturday. The Snow family gathering was on Sunday, and I cooked so much the day before for that meeting - to which less than 20 people showed. The cobblers were devoured, and half of the scones, muffins and brownies were consumed, as well. I distributed the remainder to my favorite bus drivers and co-workers (and kept a few scones for myself!). I've changed my basic scone recipe a bit, and folks really seem to enjoy it, so I'm happy and pleased.
The kits and I slept together in a big knot last night, and Lovey and Banichi did not want me to leave this morning. I'll head back as soon as I have books to read, settle in until it's time for the MRI, and do my grocery shopping before going home. That way I won't need to go outside for at least three days, if necessary. (I do have to remember to get more nuts for Gimpy and his gang.) Lovey marked me with her chin and toes this morning before I left, and Banichi washed my face, hands, and groomed my hair - who says your critters don't care how you look or smell? - Mine definitely care! I don't plan on walking the Rs again until Friday, due to the snow and cold of the next few days. Then we'll be out and going again, sticking to clear sidewalks, paths and streets. At least the Rs know that if I squeak, they need to stop and stand still - even if I keep on sliding down the way....
And... Happy New Year, everyone!

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