Monday, January 25, 2010

Kits, Joel McCrae, and Scones

I've seen days that were windier, but yesterday is the coldest windy day that I can recall. My kits ran out and then ran back inside, where we snuggled contentedly. Shady decided that besides sleeping with me, it was OK to walk upon my body; Cloudy still rubs all over me and then hisses. She's such a poor child! I'll shortly be on my way to visit Aiko and Yoshi and then walk the Rs; afterwards, I'll need to hop the bus to go see my kits and grab a few groceries. I do wish that the Vikings had won yesterday, but Bret Favre certainly took an awful lot of punishment and was still grinning at the end. So now it's definitely "Go Colts!" all the way.
Late yesterday morning, I was flipping channels and ended up seeing the 1957 feature Trooper Hook, starring all sorts of very familiar people... I missed the first five minutes (which had all of the credits) and only knew that Joel McCrae and Barbara Stanwyck were in it. I was delighted to see Royal Dano made up as an older Buffalo Bill-look-alike (he actually was portraying the stage coach driver); a very young and tender Earl Holliman; the wonderful Celia Lovesky as the Mexican abuela; John Dehner as the bigot husband; and Rudolfo Acosta as Chief Natchez. I was entranced by the music, photography and direction - they sure don't make Westerns like they used to! I finished reading Lucifer's Crown last night (after the games) and am about to start on a series of books set in the Mississippi Delta... And I plan on making scones tomorrow for Alexy's welcome home gift, after which, I'll move over to Aiko and Yoshi's house. Have a good week....

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