Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Fantastic Day

Today is another beautiful day in Colorado, just like yesterday. I have to admit that, other than leaving my kits at home, I had a ball Saturday! I brought my pajamas, clean clothes for today, books to read, Coke to drink, and food to cook. I made several pans of mini-muffin-size brownies before lunch, and made a pitcher of green tea with mango and peach juice for a cooling drink in the afternoon. Sue Stone brought her Labs over about 12:30, so Finn had two girls (one aged 2 years and one 5 months) to play with and romp with and dive into the koi pond with for two hours. As Sue, Sadie and Lucy were leaving, Joel brought Rosie and Remy over for two more hours of running and playing. So Finn and I got to play with friendly dogs all afternoon. I have to admit that once Finn came in for the night, he slept like a rock. I also spent several minutes each hour with Skippy, grooming him, and telling him how handsome he is - he ate it up, and slept next to me last night. I'll be heading home to my kits in a couple of hours, and will love them to pieces before opening the patio door so they can go out and play.
> Yesterday's prep races for the Kentucky Derby made the choices for that race even harder. In the Arkansas Derby, most folks believed that either The Factor or Brethren would win and solidify their chances for the Triple Crown. Long-shot Archarcharch (at 25 to 1) won the race at Oaklawn; with Nehro (9 to 1) second and Dance City (7 to 1) third. The Factor was in seventh place, Saratoga Red (my pick) was tenth, and Brethren was eleventh. ... The Blue Grass Stakes was considered to be a wide open race with any of the 12 entries a possible winner. It was a fantastic finish, as Brilliant Speed (at 19 to 1) won by a nose over Twinspired (24 to 1), who was only a head in front of King Congie (4 to 1). My pick, Queen'splatekitten finished seventh. ... My choices for the prep races have certainly been wrong so far!

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