Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fires, Fires Everywhere

Our local firefighters are still working on the Crystal Fire and the Evergreen Fire. There were also three other fires burning in Colorado this morning - one outside of Las Animas, one that has spread into our state from the panhandle of Oklahoma, and another smaller one. The fire that has me the most concerned is the one burning in Texas - 125 square miles of land, buildings, livestock and wildlife have been lost. The fire is in Stonewall, King and Knox counties. When the news service said it was in "west Texas," I though it was over around El Paso. Nope. It's just to the southwest of the Oklahoma state line, near the Texas handle. I guess I should apologize for carping about these fires, but they worry me. > There was less than an eighth of an inch of snow next to the fence this morning. I'm guessing it was a thunder-snow, as I heard and saw thunder and lightning around 2 this morning, but I never heard any rain fall. The sun is currently out, and the kits are sunning on the patio. I'll go out and join them shortly. Yesterday I read Grandmother Spider by James Doss - I loved the mystery and the final solution. It was a super, surprising mystery with lots of twists. I'm still grinning like a fool. And I'm currently about half-way through The Moche Warrior... > The Illinois Derby was won by Joe Vann. Watch Me Go, who had won the Tampa Bay Derby, ran sixth. Joe Vann is not nominated to the Triple Crown races. ... Midnight Interlude, a Bob Baffert trainee, won the Santa Anita Derby by a head over Comma to the Top. Mr. Commons was third and the betting favorite, Silver Medallion, was fourth. ... The Kentucky Derby field just keeps getting more and more cloudy, murky, muddy... whatever adjective you'd like to use.

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