Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A man in Ohio awoke just before midnight on Easter Sunday to go out to the barn to check on his pregnant Quarterhorse, who was due to foal. When he stepped outside he was shocked to see all of the barn walls glowing orange with the heat of an internal fire - he could hear his seven horses and a week-old foal screaming in fright. Painted on the outside of his barn walls were two very hateful and hurtful sayings: "Fags are freaks" and "Burn in hell." He tried to save his horses, but couldn't get the barn doors to open. The fire was so intense that the heat melted the metal parts and engine of a tractor inside. The pedigreed horses were worth somewhere in the hundreds of thousands dollars; but what has hurt the owner most is the death of his beautiful companions, and having to listen to them burn to death in their own barn. He considered the horses "his children" and mourns the loss of the bonds of friendship and their company. - I agree with the bereaved owner: the people or person who performed this act of arson has no true human feelings. Why destroy perfectly innocent animals? - I realize that Ghandi's quote, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind," is true. But right now, I'd like to burn the arsonist(s) alive myself. - My only other comment is that this horse-loving man has the perfect right to live his life in any way that he sees fits. Anyone else's perception of his life is their own, and their opinion isn't worth used toilet paper!
> Yesterday was pretty in the morning and overcast in the afternoon. Rosie and Remy and Lucy were great during their walks. Lovey and Nedi were super about coming when called inside. It's very pretty, but cool, out today. The weather folks say we'll have sun through Friday, with highs in the upper 60s - until the weekend, when it will be cloudy and rainy again. That's fine with me, as we still need the rain! ... Most of the mountain areas still have more than 100 inches of snow on the ground (with more due to fall this weekend), and are beginning to worry about flooding with the Spring melt. Those of us who live near Boulder Creek have already received warnings about being prepared to flee due to rising waters (even though Boulder Creek is currently running low).
> Connections have announced that The Factor will not be running in the Kentucky Derby. ... Sadler's Wells, a 30-year-old son of Northern Dancer, died from natural causes at the Coolmore Stud in Ireland. Sadler's Wells was internationally known as both a race horse and as a stallion. ... Tom Durkin will no longer be the track announcer for NBC's broadcasts of the Triple Crown races. NBC has not renewed his contract. ... Yesterday, jockey Eibar Coa walked to the winner's circle at Gulfstream Park and presented Paco Lopez with his second straight riding title cup. Lopez was also in the accident that broke Coa's C-4 vertebrae back in February.

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