Saturday, April 23, 2011

Snow and Books

When I woke up this morning, I glanced at the curtains and thought: umm, either rain or snow out there. It was snow, and it came down through mid-day. The weather guy just said to expect one to four inches of snow in the morning - that makes it kind of hard for the Easter bunny to hide eggs outside! The kits have run in and out both this morning and this afternoon. Lovey seems to be upset because he feet are getting wet and muddy. Nedi is just oblivious to how the snow makes him wet. It is still warm enough that the snow is pretty much melting as it hits the ground, sidewalks and roads - so it's just damp out. But I did get a couple of photos of Nedi with snow flakes on his back and shoulders this morning.
> I've been thoroughly engrossed in a book titled Halfbreed. It's the biography of George Bent, who's father was a white trader (he set up Bent's Fort in 1834), and who's mother was the eldest daughter of the sacred medicine man of the Southern Cheyenne. George was raised as a Cheyenne warrior, spoke 6 languages, could read and use Indian sign language, and could swear in a multitude of other languages. He acted as an interpreter for the US Army and the US Government, and he fought as a warrior against both. He was instrumental in getting the Southern Cheyenne and Arapahoe to agree to settle on the reservation near Colony, Oklahoma. And he wanted to leave a "true record" of the history of the Cheyenne people - so he spent weeks and months speaking to and answering the questions of ethnographers. He knew and met many of the famous and infamous personalities from across the United States. This book about him and his perceptions is very interesting. ... Occasionally, to take a break, I have been looking at a book titled The Ultimate Alphabet. I originally picked it up in the children's section of a used book store, and thought it would be perfect for my grand daughter, Kennedy. The more I look at it, though, the more I think I'll keep it for myself, and get her a copy of Anamalia. Mike Wilks, the author and illustrator of TUA, has made a painting of multiple objects for each letter - his total of items that he has named (and purposefully painted) is 7,777 items for the total 26 letters. Each time I look at a specific painting, I see something that I hadn't noticed before. It's an intriguing book.
> Two more prep races for the Kentucky Derby were run today. The Jerome Stakes at Acqueduct has a surprise winner - Adios Charlie. In the Lexington Stakes at Keeneland, Derby Kitten was the winner. The favored Silver Medallion finished fourth and probably will not be heading for Churchill Downs.
> Hope tomorrow is happy and hoppy for you!

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