Monday, April 11, 2011


I sat out on the patio in the sun for 45 minutes this afternoon - what an idiot! I had already walked the red kids (without my hat) this morning, so I now have a sun-burned face. I also had my summer haircut this weekend - the hair on top is 1 1/2 inches long, on the sides and back, 3/4 inch. I look like the boys in elementary school who got a buzz-cut at the beginning of spring. But I am not complaining! This is how I asked for it to be cut, and it's very cool and comfortable; not to mention easy to care for. Lovey and Nedi joined me on the patio this afternoon - Lovey just plopped in the shade, while Nedi was chasing bees. (I wonder how many stings it will take to teach him that insects can "bite" back?) > Uncle Mo, who finished a surprising third in the Wood Memorial, apparently over-reached and grabbed a quarter in the early stages of the race. He is still being pointed at the Kentucky Derby on May 7. ... The two "big" races leading to the Derby this upcoming weekend are the Arkansas Derby and the Blue Grass Stakes at Keeneland. Plus there's a 4 mile steeplechase at the track in Atlanta, Georgia. > The Crystal Fire, north of Boulder, is finally completely contained. The Evergreen Fire is still burning, but is 90% contained. The fires in Texas, though, seem to continue unabated. A judge who lives in the area said the scenes he saw were terrible - horses and livestock aflame and running into the wind, charred carcasses in heaps, and the stench of the burning livestock and grass and homes. I'm very glad that I haven't had to view those scenes.

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