Saturday, October 8, 2011

39 Degrees and Drizzle

It's grey and damp.  The temperature is 39 and the humidity is 87%.  The apartment complex has yet to turn the boiler on so that we can have heat - but it's not that bad...  I have the window cracked open a couple of inches and the patio door has been open (about 14 inches) for the past hour, and it's still 65 degrees in here.  ....  I ate something that didn't agree with me, and spent the night running in and out of the bathroom.  After my third trip, the kits (both Lyra and Dhisana) stopped getting up with me, and I don't blame them.  Once I get back to their house, I plan on making meat sauce for spaghetti, and then watching the Gators.  I'll probably nap a lot after the game.  Lovey and Nedi keep going out and then coming back in to complain about the weather to me - wet feet and damp fur make quite a statement.  Mocha looked outside, then went back to bed.

The Mountain View Fire Department got an unusual call yesterday - a pregnant cow stepped backwards into an open well, fell in and was wedged about 8-feet deep inside the well.  Using a neighbor's crane, and their fire hoses as strapping, the firemen were able to rescue the bovine.  Other than a few grazes, she was unharmed.  ....  Black Caviar, the unbeaten Australian mare, has won another race.  She won her 14th straight race by 4 lengths.  (Phar Lap, the Aussie super horse, had 14 wins, and one second in his racing career.)  ....  A yearling filly sired by Galileo, was purchased for 1.7 million guineas ($2,770,000) at the Tattersall's October Sale.  She was the last horse sold in the catalog and is a striking chestnut.  She was purchased by the Kazakstani owner of Hesmond's Stud, Nurlan Bizakov.  ....    Famous trainer, owner and breeder John Nerud purchased a yearling colt at Keeneland this fall.  The reason to  make note of the purchase is that Nerud is four months shy of his 99th birthday.  ....  And the thoroughbred world lost D'Accord earlier this month.  D'Accord was the 32-year-old son of Secretariat. He couldn't get to his feet after laying down to sleep; after he failed to stand after two hours of trying, he was put down "due to the infirmities of old age."

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