Monday, October 3, 2011

Cats, Dogs and Horses

I've laughed at Sammie quite a bit since I moved in with him.  He's not a very gregarious dog - he doesn't want hugging and love and pats all the time.  When he thinks I'm not looking, he sneaks up and licks my toes or my legs or my hands - but if I react, he runs.  He's very happy to sleep next to the chair I'm sitting in, or next to my bed, and if I'm in the kitchen, he stays in a corner and observes.  He loves his yellow ball, but will not chase after it for me (he does for his owners).  At least we have nice walks around Wonderland Lake and the neighborhood - he does like to get out and investigate everything.  Tuppurr has slept on my legs the past two nights, but he'd really rather spend his nights out hunting.  He made that quite clear when I was holding him last night as Sammie went out for his last potty break - he wrapped his legs around my arm and bit my hand very hard, while scratching with his feet.  I sat him down on the counter top and still didn't let him out.  He was peeved with me until after midnight.

Lovey, Nedi, and (sigh) Mocha are all fine and dandy this morning.  They've had their breakfasts, I've cleaned their potties, and the kits are all out in the sunshine on the patio.  I'm gnoshing on a sesame seed bagel for my very late breakfast.  I was going to walk the red kids on the way home this morning, but received an e-mail saying that today was Nancy and Joel's anniversary, and that they were taking the kids with them for the day.  I have to renew my discount bus pass ID  between noon and 2 p.m. today, too.  One would think that in a city the size of Boulder, one would have more than a two-hour window on Mondays (excluding holidays), to get an ID...  But that's the way it is.  And our bus system is subsidized by sales tax income.  Everyone knows that the economy is awful. RTD is talking about cutting the Boulder bus services in half....

It was an interesting, and sad, weekend for horse racing around the world. .... Banned, the three-year-old colt who had sesamoid surgery last week, was put down because all of his weight-bearing feet foundered.  ....  US Champion racing mare Fleet Indian was put down after colic surgery was unsuccessful.  She was an un-bred broodmare (10 years old) this year.  ....  Weemissfrankie, an undefeated two year-old filly, has qualified for the Breeders Cup Juvenile Fillies.  She is a beautiful chestnut.  ....  Goldikova, who is planning on winning the fourth Breeders Cup Mile on Turf in a row, was beaten by a head in the Prix de la Floret yesterday.  The six-year-old mare was beaten by 3-year-old Dream Ahead, a colt.  ....  And folks at Longchamps were also surprised by the 27-to-1 longshot who won the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.  Danedream, a German-bred filly, won Europe's most prestigious race by 5 lengths, setting a new record time for the race - 2 minutes, 24.49 seconds - for the mile and a half on turf.  There is some speculation that she might be supplemented to run in the Breeders Cup.

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