Sunday, October 23, 2011

CU Homecoming Equals OUCH!

The poor Buffs!  Yesterday was CU's Homecoming game; the annual parade route was changed from University Hill to the Boulder Mall, which meant no floats, and bands scrambling around planters and statues and benches; there was some controversy about having a previous Athletic Director as the grand marshall of the parade, so he didn't appear; and then the Buffs were scheduled to play the Oregon Ducks (ranked number 9 in the nation).  The Buffs have won only one game this season - and getting the Ducks for the Homecoming game was not good.  The only score the Buffs made yesterday was a Safety in the third quarter; the final score was 45 - 2.  At least Ralphie had a nice run around the stadium before the game!

I spent most of yesterday tidying up my place and doing more laundry.  The only game that I was interested in, other than CU, was the Oklahoma State - Missouri game; and I was rooting for both teams. The Cowboys won and the Tigers lost.  -  Now I'm getting ready for the Broncos game in Miami.  And for some totally strange and weird reason, at half-time, there is a program and presentation for Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer, and the Gators for their 2008 National Championship win.  In Miami.  When the Broncos are playing the Dolphins.  It didn't make any sense to me, until a friend pointed out that Miami has been having trouble selling tickets to home games, and that Miami was probably trying to cash in on Tebow being back on their field....

Lovey decided to walk with me to the grocery store this morning.  She sat at the foot of a tree while I purchased a fresh bagel and came back out.  She walked along beside me all the way back home, making numerous comments.  A couple drove by us twice, and then stopped and wanted to know if  I was really walking my cat.  - So I told them, "Of course! Doesn't everyone who lives in an apartment?"  They looked at each other and shrugged and asked how long I'd been walking her, and I told them it started when I first adopted her and we'd go climbing Steamboat Mountain in Lyons, which was behind my apartment there.  It seemed to totally freak them out.  (I did ask Nedi if he wanted to come, too, but he didn't want to.)  ....  Both kits have been climbing in and out of my carry-on bag for my trip.  Nedi thinks it's one of the best places to sleep, 'cause it's all black and I can't see him inside it at night.  Then he can jump out and surprise me.

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