Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dead Battery and Climbing Cats

Lynn has repeatedly told me that the "rear door" on the van sometimes does not close, and that it drains the battery.  (I consider the rear door to be the back gate, hatchback, whatever...)  The battery was dead when I went to start the car this morning.  I had "beeped" the doors locked yesterday, so just to be sure, I grabbed the passenger sliding door - and, it was unlocked.  That's the door we loaded and unloaded Tessa's frozen chicken boxes from.  **Sigh**  Kathy and Jim will jump start the van for me later this afternoon.

Remy visited the chiropractor early this morning, so I walked the red kids at 11 today.  I had already walked Tessa, and had let her out into the back yard to play.  Yesterday I had a blast because I let all the kits out in the back yard - Lilly is used to being outside, but Lyra and Dhisana haven't been out since I let them out last spring.  Lyra waltzed about the entire yard, with her tail straight up - she explored everything without a pause.  Dhisana, on the other hand, kept her back and tail fluffed the entire time she was outside, and was extremely cautious. - Until some strange spirit told her to run up the aspen tree.  Then she leaped from the tree to the shed roof and explored.  She suddenly saw she had no way down, and she cried and cried.  I walked over and patted the top railing of the fence beside the roof - it was about a three-foot leap, but Dhisana jumped to the rail and then onto my shoulder.  A few minutes later, she chased Lyra up to the top-most branches of the apple tree.  Both kits were standing on their hind legs and boxing at the other with their front paws, while they were 25 feet above the ground!  Then they declared a truce and ran down the tree.  A few minutes later I heard Dhisana crying again - this time, from the roof of the house.  I walked over to the fir tree she had climbed, and convinced to her come down.  Then the kits and Tessa and I relaxed in the sun for a while.  It was a nice afternoon.  .....  Once I get the van juiced up again, I think I will take my kits over to visit the yard and garden. They will have a ball playing in the trees, too.

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