Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting Florida Excited

How cool!  I just checked my e-mail before starting to blog, and there was a note from Carolyn that had been sent just one minute earlier.  So I called her on the phone - and we laughed and talked and planned things to do while I'm visiting.  Gator Football against Georgia on Saturday; horseback riding on the beach Sunday morning; Redskins at the Bills Sunday afternoon; and whatever we feel like in between! I'm sure we'll have a great time.  I'll also be spending time with Mary, Kathryn, Jack, Diana, and Carolyn's mother -  I am really looking forward to this trip!

Friday I'll be helping Bernie with Jim's Memorial Service (it's at 1 p.m.) - I'll probably be in charge of the food set-up and replenishment.  That's no trouble.  I actually have a black jumper that I can wear - but I'll need to find some black shoes.  Of course, people know I'm crazy, and if I show up in hot pink sneakers, I don't think anyone would blink (much).  I've told Bernie that she can call me any time during the day or night; that I'm available to her, if she wants me or needs me.  I know that Jim had hospice care for the last few months, but it is still a shock to your system when it finally hits you that your life partner is gone.

All of Lynn's kits slept with me last night, and Tessa was on the floor next to the bed, as usual.  Their Mom returns tomorrow evening, so I'll be back in my own bed quite soon.  Lovey and Nedi have been stuck to me like glue this morning - but after two hours, they have both gone outside to play and explore.  Alexy is going to come over for tea this afternoon at 4.  Mainly to observe the younger kits outside, to have a few biscuits, and to chat.  .....  There were about 100 protesters for "Occupy Boulder" on Friday and about 700 yesterday.  They plan on meeting again today.  I agree with them that something needs to be done about the economy and the jobs situation, but I'm too busy and dislike crowds too much to want to join in.  .....  The Broncos have a bye week, but the media is still in a frenzy over Tim Tebow being named the starting quarterback.  I like Tim; I think he brings a spark that Kyle Orton lacked; I think he can energize and get the offense and defense to work harder; but I don't think that Tim is "the saviour" of the team.  He's a young man with great collegiate accomplishments.  He has drive, commitment, and a certain pizazz (if we were still in the 1930's, I'd say he has "it").  But it takes a lot of people working together to make a winning football team.  I truly hope that Tebow can provide the cohesion and stability the Broncos need.  But I do not expect an immediate miracle.  (However, I do hope for one.)

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