Monday, October 24, 2011

Look Out Florida, I'll Be There Soon!

Well, the Denver Post headline on the front page told yesterday's game story: "Tim-Tastic!"  Two Broncos' field goals went wide during the game, and with 5 minutes left, the score was Miami 15, Broncos 0. At the final whistle, it was a tie game.  Then came Over Time.  Special thanks to D J Williams for batting the ball out of the Dolphins' quarterbacks hand, and then recovering the 'made' fumble.  Three running plays and then Prater kicked a winning field goal.  Poor Dolphins.  They have yet to win a game this season....

And I leave for Florida in the morning!  Kathy and Jim and Mike will be caring for the kits while I'm gone.  I walked Kathy through feeding the kits, checking the mail, and cleaning the potty boxes last night.  Today it's already 72 degrees; tomorrow the high is supposed to be 61; and Wednesday the forecast is for a high of 42 and snow.  Thankfully, Florida is a wee bit warmer right now.  I have my boarding passes for the plane trip and feel like I'm on a prolonged sugar high....  I still need to wash and dry two loads of clothes and pack my bags.  Other than that, I'm ready!

I hope to be able to check my e-mail and possibly put up a few quick blog entries while I'm gone.  If I don't post anything - don't worry...  It means I'm having too much of a good time to sit inside at a keyboard!  Lovey and Nedi know that something is going on, as they are sticking to me like glue;  I will miss them.  And I'll miss the daily walks with Remy and Rosie, too.  -  But seeing old friends will be great!!!

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