Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Miscellaneous and "It's Tebow Time"

After walking and playing with Rosie and Remy yesterday, I stopped by Bernie's and we spent about an hour talking about all sorts of things.  I don't think that Jim's death has actually become a reality for her yet.  She says she's fine, and continues to plan on cleaning up his hospice room, ripping up the carpet, re-finishing the pine floors, and painting the room.  She hopes to get started on it all before the memorial service, which will be on Friday, the 21st.  We looked through some of Jim's old keepsakes from his school days, and Bernie got a kick out of the way the school newspaper described Jim.  If we can get the Quaker Meeting Hall, we'll hold the memorial service there - otherwise, it will be at either the Elk Lodge or the American Legion Hall.

My kits are running in and out of the patio door this morning - and the apartment management turned on the boiler this morning, so we all have to check to see if the radiators under our windows leak.  At the moment, mine does not leak.  On the way back to Lynn's I need to stop at the grocery store and get milk, eggs, and meat.  I have plenty of kitty litter and cat food and kitty treats at home for my kids.  And I picked up 75 pounds of frozen chicken to feed Tessa yesterday, at the local organic pet food store.  Lilly, Lyra, and Dhisana get a teaspoon of the chicken with each meal, on top of their organic rice and chicken dry kibble.  Tessa gets 3/4 of the entire block for both breakfast and dinner.

If you do not want to read about Tim Tebow, stop reading here.  (I realize that some of my friends have a Tebow burn-out from living in Gainesville, and getting news and rumors about Tebow  24 hours a day while he was attending UF and playing for the Gators.)  Me, I like the guy.  He stands by what his beliefs are and he backs up what he says with his actions.  In any event - the Broncos lost again on Sunday, against a main rival, the San Diego Chargers.  Kyle Orton was the starting quarterback (and I still like Kyle) - but he still couldn't get the job done.  He moved the team up and down the field, but we could only score field goals and not touch downs.  The only touchdown made by the Broncos in the first half was by a defensive player who caught a tipped pass.  Kyle threw his seventh interception, which was taken down to the Charger 5 yard line, and from there, they scored a TD.  Tebow was sent in for one play in the first half, where he scrambled for 2 yards.  ...  After half-time, Tebow started for the Broncos.  There was a 23 point lead that the Chargers had - the defense worked hard and kept the Chargers from scoring.  Tebow ran for a touchdown, and then threw for a second one; plus got the team into position for another field goal.  The game came down to the last second, with Tim dancing around the backfield, trying to find a receiver in the end zone with single coverage.  Time ran out, he threw the ball, and it bounced off several Charger players and then in and out of the Broncos player. The Broncos lost by 5.  -  But the team seemed to have more energy with Tebow at the helm.  Both the offense and the defense seemed to come alive, and the crowd loved it.  -  I personally felt bad for Kyle Orton who was booed each time he was on the playing field.  That is simply unsportsmanlike conduct.  Kyle went out, he did his best - he ran the plays he was told to.  He didn't deserve booing or the derision of the crowd.  -  At 8 a.m. this morning, it was announced to the team that Tim Tebow will be their starting quarterback for their next game.  The Broncos have a bye week the 16th - so they will be facing the Miami Dolphins on the 23rd with a new starting quarterback - Tim Tebow.
Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow gains rushing yardage against the San Diego Chargers, Sunday, 9 October 2011.

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