Saturday, October 15, 2011

Playtime Bonzai!

My kits had a blast in Lynn's back yard yesterday.  All the kits got along and played with each other, and Tessa set herself up as the arbitrator of a few disputes.  While I did not see Lilly climb any trees, the other four kits certainly did.  Luckily, Nedi and Lovey were in a fir tree with very low branches when Nedi jumped down on top of Lovey from a branch a couple of feet above her.  They both tumbled to the ground and then took off at a run.  When they left, Nedi was chasing Lovey; when they came back by, Lovey was chasing Nedi.  Tessa, Lilly , Lyra and Dhisana seemed to be agog watching Lovey and Nedi play together.  After 90 minutes, the two youngsters joined in playing with my two - leaving Lilly watching from the back of her favorite bench under the grape arbor, while Tessa laid in the grass and followed happenings with her eyes.  It was a tiring, but very fun, afternoon.

Lynn's boyfriend called at 6:30 and told me he was coming over to take a bath and sleep in Lynn's bed.  What could I say?  He has his own house key.  He was not yet up when I came home this morning.  Since Ed was there, I brought my kits home this morning.  Lovey is currently laying across my shoulders, draped behind my neck, and is snoring.  Nedi is outside chasing bugs.  Not much else is going on....  Hope everyone has a super weekend!

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