Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Potpourri

A friend and neighbor passed away yesterday morning.  Jim Cunningham, who lived at the corner of Topaz Drive and Garnet Avenue, died peacefully at home with his wife Bernie at his side.  Jim had been a long-time diabetic and was recently diagnosed with inoperable heart troubles.  Anyone who walks in the Githens Acres neighborhood will instantly recognize Bernie - a small powerhouse of energy with a cap of silver-grey, almost white, hair, blue eyes, and a terrific smile.  She is always working on the house, in the yard, in her garden, on the irigation ditch, chopping ice off the road, etc.  My heart goes out to Bernie and the kids.  Jim was a wonderful, kind man, and I thoroughly enjoyed his company, whether we were talking about growing up in the old days, or discussing Clive Cussler's latest book.  He will be missed tremendously by his family, friends and his neighbors.

If you like Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series, you need to look at the following URL:  It looks as if we will finally get a Pern movie, and they are going to start with the first written book in the series.  I hope it turns out as good as it should!!!  (Thanks for the information, Kathryn!)

The only thing I can say about college football yesterday was that at least South Carolina and West Virginia won.  The one touchdown the CU Buffs scored looked very good.  I have to admit I dozed through the Gators' game.  ....  I am looking forward to a USA TV-movie.  Certain Prey is scheduled to air Sunday, November 6 (9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central and Mountain); it stars Mark Harmon as  Lucas Davenport, the main character.  USA owns the movie rights to all 21 Lucas Davenport mysteries (written by John Sandford), and if the public likes Harmon's portrayal of Lucas, then there might be a series of movies a la Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone on CBS.  Harmon meets the physical description of Lucas Davenport, who starts out as a police dectective in the series and progresses on to state investigator for the governor. He is also independently rich, as he developed several PC games that have continued to grow and spawn more games. The movie should be interesting; the books certainly are.

My kits are trying to figure out what's going on...  I packed Mocha's food up (again) this morning, and Lovey and Nedi are getting edgy.  I believe that I will leave them here tonight, so they can realize that Mocha is no longer here with us.  Then I'll take them over to visit Lynn's on Monday - that way I can move things outside while I clean the apartment, and it won't freak my kits out.  They are used to dogs, so Tessa won't be a problem.  I think the weirdest thing will be for Nedi to be the only male with four queens in the house. - But at least Nedi and Lovey will be able to run up and down stairs and play while I strip my bed, wash everything, and scrub the floors at home.  (Mocha has been pottying on the edges of my bedspread and  generally just under my bed for the last couple of weeks - so it will be good for all of us to clear out, while it airs out and the scrubbed floor dries for a couple of days.)  And Mocha will be stress free and back with her person.

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