Friday, October 7, 2011

A Rain-Snow Combo for Boulder?

Wolf Creek Ski Resort down by Pagosa Springs is going to open for skiing this weekend, having gotten more than 3 feet of snow in the last 36 hours.  Forecasters are now saying that Boulder will have a rain and snow mix on Saturday and Sunday, with highs both days being in the mid-40s.  I'm not ready for that.  My winter clothes are still packed away.  I have two pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of socks, and two long-sleeved T-shirts available.  I guess I'm gonna have to attack my clothing storage boxes and find some cooler weather items.  At least I can put my hands on my coat, hats, scarves and gloves right away!  It turned windy yesterday evening, and we had several showers of rain.  Ed called to say he and Lynn had left windows open upstairs, and would I please close them.  I also closed the ones in the entrance, as well as my downstairs bathroom.  Then I went around and turned all three heating units on.  It was 38 this morning, and is 55 out right now.  I waited until 9:30 to walk the red kids, so the sun could warm things up a bit.

Lynn's kits and my kits are all running around like mad with the weather change.  Lilly, Lynn's eldest, is a little more reserved than Lyra and Dhisana, but they tear through the house and run up and down the stairs and bounce over the dog until Tessa wants outside just to get away from their antics.  Dhisana always sleeps on top me...  I guess that carries back to last year when she almost died and spent 3 weeks sleeping on top of my lap or my chest.  Lyra talks a lot.  I laughed at her this morning, because after everyone had breakfast, Lyra saw a bug on the floor. She talked about it for several minutes before she pounced on it, then talked some more, and finally ate it, giving a final discourse on the taste (I guess).  Lovey and Nedi have been running in and out this morning here at home.  Nedi gets anxious when the wind closes the screen door, so I have to prop it open.  Both he and Lovey have come in for loving and appreciation, and they have have both been extremely warm, having been sitting in the sun, absorbing the rays.  Mocha leaves Sunday.

The kids' canned food is 30% off the regular price, so I'm stocking up right now.  And since it's getting cooler, I'll make meatballs this weekend (for myself).  It's still breezy today, and the cat wind chimes on my patio keep tinkling away.  I'll need to close the window to just a crack, as it's supposed to get down near freezing tonight and tomorrow night.  ....  Florida plays LSU at Red Stick tomorrow; I'm almost afraid to watch the game......

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