Monday, July 8, 2013

Back Home, a Short Post

Something must have been going on that I didn't (and still don't) know about last night.  After making sure that Maggie's house was in the same shape as when I moved in, I called the local Yellow Cab service.  I was on hold for 12 1/2 minutes before giving my pick-up address and name; then there was a 25 minute wait before the cab arrived....  There were no big events occurring in the area, so I'm still puzzled.
   Lovey decided that since I had been gone for several nights, she was going to talk to me all night long.  She did, and I didn't get much sleep.  Nedi was sprawled on the back of the love seat, with his body and tail stretched out along the top, legs hanging on either side, and his face looking directly at me.  If Lovey was't talking to me, Nedi was.  It was a noisy night.
  This morning, we had breakfast, then I took the bus and cared for Tinkerbell, and then walked Rosie.  The kits and I have been reconciling ever since.  I do love my kits.

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