Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Captain Barry's Back Bay Cruises

Captain Barry Frishman was not born on Chincoteague Island, but he is one of the best Chincoteague Watermen on the island.  Barry has worn many hats throughout his career - he is a Red Cross volunteer and is present to help at almost all major events: he was in Sri Lanka in 2004 after the tsunami, and he and his wife spent more than two years in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.  His great passion is water, fresh or salt, and his wife.   He has been a tugboat captain, and an oysterman, and he travels around the world to dig and repair fresh water wells in Africa, South America, Asia and the Caribbean.  His wife, Aleda, is a lawyer interested in women's services, and, together, they helped found We Advance (www.WeAdvance.org), an organization that provides free medical care, educational opportunities and community outreach programs to the needy in underdeveloped countries.
   Cap'n Barry owns what Chincoteaguers call "a party boat" - it's got a flat deck and is on two pontoons, and there are awnings to protect you from the sun and weather.  You're welcome to bring a cooler along during your (usually) two hour trip.  Barry gives two types of trips, and both are fabulous (speaking as a passenger): the Sea Life Expedition that generally runs four times a day, and the Champagne Sunset Cruise.
   The Sea Life Expedition is a wonderful example and hands-on look at the everyday experiences in the life of a Chincoteague Island Waterman.  It's fun, interesting, and entertaining.  You're invited to join in and share all the experiences, or you can sit back and document it with a camera.  The expedition will employ all of your senses - sound, touch, taste, and smell.  During this trip you can: dig for clams; pull up crab pots; learn how to handle crabs; go shell collecting; find, identify, and handle jellyfish; see hundreds of bird species; and haul in a trawling net and learn to identify all the marine life that's been caught.  This trip is the real deal for getting your hands dirty and your feet wet!
   The Champagne Sunset Cruise leaves the dock at 6:30 in the evening.  Your own coolers are welcome. Cap'n Barry will take you and the boat out to a Chincoteague Bay Paradise, where you can watch the sunset colors vary and disappear, just like your worries and cares.  In the water, on a quiet evening, you'll be overcome by a sense of relaxation and your appreciation of nature will intensify.  It's one heck of a good cruise. ** Please note: Due to alcohol consumption, this cruise is restricted to adults.  If you wish to bring someone under age, you may do so, but you must pay for the rental of the entire boat.**
   Cap'n Barry provides Coast Guard approved life jackets for children and adults.  Following Coast Guard regulations, the boat can hold only six guests.  What should you wear and/or bring?  Shorts and tops, or bathing suits with a cover-up; on the Sea Life Expedition, you might wish to have water shoes, or old worn out shoes that can get wet and muddy, where there are shells; it is always cooler on the water, and a sweatshirt or light jacket might be useful in the early morning or on the Sunset cruise.  Most definitely bring sunblock and a hat or visor, possibly sunglasses.  If you're bringing small children who like to splash, a towel and a change of clothing is suggested.
   Captain Barry's Back Bay Cruises are one of the best hosted adventures on the island. His boat leaves from the dock at The Chincoteague Inn at 6262 Marlin Street, on Chincoteague (just off Main Street).  To make reservations, please call   (757) 336-6508.  Plan ahead and make reservations early - Cap'n Barry is extremely popular.  See his website at:  http://www.chincoteague.com/captainb/index.html

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