Friday, July 26, 2013

Ponies Have Returned to Assateague Island

The wild ponies of Chincoteague have swum the Assateague Channel and are back on their wild island home for another year.  Some hearts were broken, and others were over-loaded with joy yesterday, once the auction came to an end.  I always had a broken heart because I could never afford to buy a pony - but 55 lucky families purchased the Chincoteague pony of their dreams yesterday.  Ten of those families gave the ponies back to the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company for breeding purposes, but they can visit their pony on Assateague year round.
  A smaller herd made the swim back across the channel this morning, at approximately 7:20 EDT.  A few of the aged ponies were trailered across the bridge, as were a few habitual "rowdies" who don't like to go where they should.  A much smaller crowd than on Wednesday saw the ponies off the Chincoteague shore - but they still had a surging hearts that viewed the swim Wednesday.  It's always a moving experience, no matter how many times you see it.
  The Firemen's Carnival will be open tonight and tomorrow night; then close until next Friday and Saturday nights, when all proceeds will go toward the EMS and ambulance funds.  Pony Penning is always an emotional time, and I can't wait until it's time for me to return to my island home again.   2015 - here I come!


Heading back to Assateague...

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