Thursday, July 25, 2013

Return Swim to Assateague

The auction should be over by now, but I'm still awaiting photos and numbers.  In the meantime, it was announced that the estimated time for the swim back across Assateague Channel will be about 7:30 a.m. (EDT) tomorrow (Friday) morning.  The crowds will be less, there will be fewer ponies actually making the swim, but it's still awesome to watch.
   I know the first foal to sell this morning was a pinto filly, and she was hammered down for a price of $700.  A palomino paint filly brought a bid of $2,600; and three of the "buy back" foals were purchased for $4,000,  $10,000  and $12,000.  Photos of the palomino pinto and the $10,000 buy back foal follow:
$2,600  purchase

$10,000 "buy back" filly

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