Monday, July 29, 2013

Second Foggy Day In a Row In Boulder

The temperature never climbed above 75 degrees yesterday, and we had an almost unheard of humidity reading that stayed in the 80 and 90 percentile range .  There was low-lying fog, high mist, and light rain showers most of the day - we needed the moisture badly, so I'm not complaining.  That's the way this morning has started, also, but the weather folks say we'll clear up by noon and have a high of 81.  I spent most of yesterday reading and cuddling with both my cats, and with Rosie.  I'm halfway through reading the fourth book (of five) in a series by Michael Scott called The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel - the books are aimed at teens, but they are an excellent read and a good introduction into the worlds of myths, legends, and sorcery.  I'm thoroughly enjoying them, and I recommend them to all.
  Well, I got dressed up Saturday evening - thought that blow-drying my hair with extra-firm mousse would keep my growing bangs from falling into my eyes, but I was wrong.  Between the breeze, followed by the rain, my hair was the big let-down.   All of the immediate Snow family was there, except the South Dakota clan, tons of friends who live in Boulder (and flew in from else-where, including NYC), and Erin's mother and her family also attended.  Mike and Erin had reserved the South Patio at the Tea House, and we were located beside Boulder Creek.  There were large umbrellas and two tents in case it rained. The party was from 6 until 9 p.m. - and Mike spoke a few words at 7, which made his mother and his wife cry.  One of the last things he said was, "And, thankfully, the rain has decided to hold off."  Once he put the microphone down, there was a huge clap of thunder, and it began to pour.  We got .25 inch in 20 minutes - now, that's timing.  Sarah, Mike's sister, and Michael came and brought Evelyn, the latest Snow clan member. Luckily, Evelyn (at 5 days old) slept through everything.  There were hors d'oeuvres, beer, wines, water, and a stupendous catered dinner.  Everyone had a grand time.

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