Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waiting For the Pony Swim!

People have been gathering since dawn on the west side of the Assateague Channel, on Chincoteague Island, awaiting the high slack tide.  Today is Pony Penning Day, and I would be there, if I could.  When the tide is no longer running north or south between the two islands, the ponies will swim the channel.  After resting, they will be paraded north on Main Street from Beebe Road up to the Carnival Grounds.  In the corrals at the Carnival, the herds will once again separate, and the stallions will probably clash and spar.  The older mares know that tomorrow they will lose their babies during the auction.  It's a new beginning, but it's also kind of sad.
  More info after the Swim and after I receive photos....
Today's sunrise on Chincoteague

Boats are already anchored along the buoy-marked swim route

Jake Silverman of Milburn High School wades out into the Assateague Channel to get a good camera view for a documentary he is filming

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