Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Noisy Sunday Morning

Thankfully, the two neighbors on either side say they didn't hear anything - but I opened the back door for Lola and Cooper to relieve themselves before breakfast without looking outside.  Even if I had looked, I wouldn't have seen the culprits that set Cooper off, circling the second deck, to my right, and barking like an idiot - at 6:30 in the morning.  I had already fed Rosie and chased a raccoon from her back yard before going over to Tamarack.  Then Cooper started acting the fool, wouldn't quiet down, or calm down, either.  Lola was prancing around the second deck, but, luckily, stayed silent.  I walked over to the second deck, and didn't see anything.  There was nothing in the pine tree at the corner, where both dogs kept circling.  Then I stepped up on the deck, and glanced up at the wire netting that holds the grape arbor - first, I saw several almost ripe clusters of grapes, then I saw a large raccoon flattened out on the top of the wire, with it's eyes closed.  I got both dogs back inside and went to peek out the window - there were three young raccoons  lying flat on top of the wire further to the right than their mother  They all opened their eyes and looked at me, and then squeezed them shut again - seemingly, if they couldn't see me, then I couldn't see them.  So I took the kids out for a walk, and double-checked the back yard when we returned.  No raccoons.  So I could open the deck door without qualms, and allow both cats and dogs outside.
  Most of the collegiate teams I like won their openers yesterday, while the CU Buffaloes and the CSU Rams face off today in Denver, for their opening game of the season.  Somehow, since Tim Tebow was released from the Patriots yesterday afternoon, I just can't get my mind interested in football any more.  Since I graduated from UF, I will root for the Gators; since Steve Spurrier coaches South Carolina, I'll cheer for the Gamecocks.  But, suddenly, pro football seems like a waste of time.  I have been a fan of Champ Bailey's since he was a Georgia Bulldog (what a horrifying admission from a Gator fan!), but he's the last guy left on the Broncos that I really like.  I'll watch the Broncos - Ravens game Thursday night - but it will be to see (maybe) Champ Bailey, and for Elvis Dumervil on the Ravens.  If Percy Harvin were playing, I'd be rooting for his team, and the same goes for Tebow.  But most of the players that I really like have disappeared.  So why get all hot and bothered?

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