Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beautiful Morning in Boulder

It was cool again this morning, but the morning has been truly gorgeous, weather-wise.  No clouds and lots of sunshine - with an expected high of 75 degrees.  I've walked Rosie, and checked all my usual web pages. Nedi is curled up in the afghan on my bed, while Lovey keeps trotting in and out; at least Lovey isn't terrorizing Baby, the black cat next door, this morning.  I took a bunch of photos before and during my walk with Rosie today, and I'll append a few at the bottom of this epistle.
   I am a klutz - or, I am clumsy, in other words.  On the way back to Rosie's house this morning, I stopped and spoke with the man who owns and runs "Mobile Screening", in which he goes to people's houses and replaces screening.  John and I were joking about watching "watching our steps" and falling down.  I left him with a big smile on my face.  Rosie and I crossed 19th Street, and approached the first entrance drive for Lucky's Market - and I tripped on a piece of uneven sidewalk.  Not only did I trip, but I fell, with great panache - beside 3 vehicles that were waiting to pull out of the parking lot.  I stubbed my left toe of my sneaker against the cement block, and I felt myself loose my balance.  I let go of Rosie, so I wouldn't jerk her and hurt her neck.  (She's been with me enough to know that when I drop her leash and start wind-milling my arms, she need to stop, sit and stay.)  I took two steps forward, but ended up falling onto my right breast and my left knee and thigh.  I saved my face by throwing both hands in front of me.  Thank goodness, I didn't break anything.  I took some skin off the palms of my hands, and I heard a very loud crack sound as I hit the ground.  I thought I had broken my new glasses, but then realized I could still see perfectly.  I started pushing myself up, when the three drivers of the three vehicles arrived and they all started asking questions at once - All you OK?  Do I need to call 911?  Do I need to call an ambulance?  Can you breathe?  Can you talk?  What about your dog?  While still lying on my belly, I told them, "I'm going to lie here and get my breath back.  Then I'll get up, grab Rosie, and walk on home.  I'm fine, thank you - other than being terribly embarrassed."
  As time has passed, I have found that my right breast is now red and purple.  My left knee, thigh, and shin are grossly bruised and very sore.  It hurts when I breathe deeply.  My neck is getting stiff, and my wrists hurt, too.  I took Alleve as soon as I got home, took a warm shower, and had a scrambled egg (to top off the pills)....  I think I might take it easy this afternoon....
   Here are the photos from walking by Wonderland Lake this morning:

By the way, the loud crack I heard was the crunch of my camera's battery door opening and ejecting batteries into my kangaroo pouch of my sweatshirt...

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