Monday, September 16, 2013

Boulder, Colorado Flooding By the Numbers

A lot of Boulder County is still under water, as are 14 other counties in northeast section of Colorado.  It rained all day yesterday and is still raining this morning.  Hopefully the rain will cease overnight, and we can start our long drying-out process.
At the moment, here are a few current numbers:  approximately 11,700 people have been evacuated from there homes and there are thousands more awaiting evacuation by National Guard helicopter where roads and bridges have been washed away.
There are 6 confirmed deaths; 3 in Boulder County, 1 in El Paso County (Colorado Springs), and two others.
Currently there are 708 people missing; they are not suspected of having died at this time, but friends and loved ones have not been able to contact anyone who knows where these missing people are.
So far, 17,494 buildings are reported damaged.
1,502 homes are reported destroyed (including 107 in the tiny town of Lyons).
There are 26 evacuation centers open for those who have no place to go.
35 bridges have been washed away in Boulder County.
100 miles of paved roads has been washed away.
30 state bridges have been destroyed; 20 state bridges have been damaged.
150 miles of state roads have been washed away.
Interstate I-25 is closed from the Wyoming border to Longmont, Colorado.
US 36 is closed from Boulder to Trail Ridge Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park.
Rocky Mountain National Park is closed.

I applauded the National Guard members who were shopping in the local grocery store this morning - and they appeared shocked.  They shouldn't be shocked or surprised.  They are doing work, saving lives, that no one else can do. I wish others had joined in my "thanks" to the Guard unit that was replenishing their own stock of drinks and snacks, that they share with those they rescue...

This is a short video showing my sister and brother-in-law's neighborhood - the second scene of brown water rushing across a road was filmed at the eastern corner of Kathy and Jim's yard.  My thanks to neighbor Steve Barrera for filming and posting this:

While exhausted from stress and helping neighbors empty their flooded basements, I was further knocked down today by the news of the shootings at the US Navy Yard in Washington, DC on the Anacostia River.  I used to work for the US EPA a few blocks from the Navy Yard....  My heart, love and sympathy go to those who have been touched by this tragic event.

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