Friday, September 27, 2013

More Rain; Flood Repair

Normally, I love rain and snow.  Colorado has a semi-arid climate and seems to always need rain.  But we don't need rain again today, after the 100-year flood that happened two weeks ago. It is, however, raining - a light rain, little heavier than a heavy mist, or a "nice soft day" in Scotland...  but enough to make the roads slick, and dampen the mud, and make outside activities seem unappealing.  The last weather forecast I heard said it would be cloudy this morning, but that the rain wouldn't arrive until late this afternoon; so I traveled over to Rosie's with my umbrella, but I returned home without walking her.  It was too wet and cold.  But I was able to deliver a large set of "flood photos" to Jim this morning - the majority of shots are of his yard, Four Mile Creek, and his immediate neighborhood.  He was able to see the Boulder Greenways display of flood maps yesterday, and was greatly surprised at what the water did, and did not, do.  Reconstruction work is going apace on Topaz Drive - I think the exposed natural gas pipeline that was 5 to 6 feet below the road surface (originally) had a lot to do with the Topaz work getting such a big jump-start.
  With the nasty weather, Nedi is curled up on the afghan on my bed, and Lovey is in my dirty clothes basket.  I have my rear window about half open, and can see the rain slanting down in front of the wooden fence.  I did fall down again yesterday - tripped over the roots of a cottonwood in Kathy and Jim's backyard.  I have walked over and through those roots a million times without tripping - I guess Wednesday and Thursday were my Fall days....  When I fell, I again landed on my left knee, which puffed up enormously, as well as onto my chest, knocking all of my breath out.  Rosie and Boo wanted to implement mouth-to-mouth, but I insisted that I was OK, so they finally sat down and wagged their tails at me as I climbed s-l-o-w-l-y to my feet.  Then they were off, chasing rubber bones and bouncing balls...
  I'm getting excited about my trip to Oklahoma City... there is such a wide variety of things to do and see that I haven't been able to decide where I want to spend my extra time.  The Stockyards is a definite yes, but there are also so many other extremely diverse areas to explore.  I'll probably end up deciding on the spur of the moment, once I arrive.

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