Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Snow on the Mountains

I felt chilly walking to the bakery this morning for my bagel; on the way home, I raised my eyes and saw snow on Mount Audubon and the Indian Peaks.  Got back home and checked the temperature - 43 degrees.  No wonder I felt a bit chilled.  I did wear a hoodie sweatshirt to walk Rosie during this mornings stroll.  We walked around Wonderland Lake, and I let her go in and play a bit - but not much, because it was chilly.  What was strange was to look at the foothills behind the lake and see multiple small mudslides caused by all the rain and flooding.  I'll take photos tomorrow.  Sump pumps were still working along Riverside Drive and Lane this morning, as well as along much of Sumac between 19th and Broadway - a lot of houses were flooded that I hadn't expected.  I really am lucky that there was no flooding at my apartment, or at Kathy and Jim's house.
  We've reached 60 degrees outside, and the sun is shining nicely.  Lovey and Nedi are trotting in and out, even though I've already had to speak with Lovey about intimidating the cat next door.  I think I'll move my lounge chair out onto the patio and sit there and read for a while today, in between doing some house cleaning.   ...   Nephew Mike and Erin arrived in Dublin and are having a wonderful time - they've already sent photos of their adventures.

This is the webcam view of the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 this morning...

Inside the Waldorf Pre-School and Kindergarten after 4 days of flooding

An elk in Grand County, Colorado this morning

Baby ocelot

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