Monday, September 23, 2013

Sump Pumps Running Again

It rained overnight here in Boulder - I haven't been able to find an accurate amount listed, but it was a little too much.  I did not enjoy walking through the neighborhoods this morning listening to sump pump motors growling in basements and having to avoid bursts of water from their hoses.  I seemed like a nasty kidney punch from Mother Nature.  But at least we didn't get the snow that fell overnight on the Continental Divide and areas along the Western Slope...  The forecast called for more rain this morning, and we had a furious wind blowing from the west - not quite a Chinook wind, but a growl-y, lashing one.  An oak leaf hit my face so hard that my nose was cut open by the leaf's edge.  That kind of wind...
  Rosie was very eager for her walk this morning, and we stopped by the Snow house to see if Jim had started putting up the new fence.  No new fence, but he had Mona on a leash in the back yard....  Erin and Mike left yesterday for Ireland (for a belated honeymoon) and so, Mona is staying with Boo.  Rosie will only play with Boo for a few minutes, so Boo is greatly excited to have  a dog that will play with her all the time. We'll have to see what happens when Boo gets tired and wants to rest, and Mona doesn't.  We wandered up Topaz and then south on 26th Street, took the red walk along Norwood and past Centennial Middle School, then back along 19th to Riverside.  They started stripping the interior of the Waldorf Pre-School yesterday, and it seemed pathetic to see a row of ten toilets completely covered in mud, sitting in a row outside the building.  Seeing the sofas and chairs and muddy cribs was even worse.  I hope they had flood insurance!
  I'm having a blast exploring all the things I can do in Oklahoma City - too bad I'll be there for such a short time...  I want to explore the Stockyards area, which is, luckily, close enough for me to walk to.  The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum looks like it would take a full five days to see most of their exhibits.  The Myriad Botanical Gardens and the City Zoo look interesting.  I'd also love to go to the Oklahoma History Center, the Red Earth Museum, and the Harn Homestead and 1889er Museum.  I guess I'll have to make another trip there and see all the things I miss the first time.  There's also the American Banjo Museum, the Museum of Osteology, the Orr Family Farm, the International Photography Museum, and the Science Museum.  Not to mention trolleys, water taxis around Bricktown, and plain old shopping. Can you tell I'm looking forward to the trip?

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