Monday, August 11, 2014

Accident Witness

Saw an auto accident yesterday that shook me up, a bit.  Well, technically, I didn't see the actual accident - but I saw the motorcycle rider fly through the air....  I stopped at a large intersection yesterday due to a red traffic light.  The intersection at Iris Avenue and 28th Street (aka US 36), has two lanes going straight in each direction, two left turn lanes in each direction, and a median-bordered right turn lane - so, counting lanes across the road from sidewalk to sidewalk, there are ten lanes on each side.  I was turning west, or left, off 28th Street and onto Iris.  A car pulled up beside me in the turn lane, and also stopped for the red light.  Two cars were stopped opposite us, also in the left turn lane.  The light changed, giving us a yellow blinking caution arrow, and two full greens to go ahead and to turn right.  Vehicles were approaching the intersection toward me, but there was plenty of time for one car in each lane to turn.  I turned left as the car beside me also turned left.  I was straightening my wheels when I heard a loud bang and crash noise. I looked into my rear-view mirror and saw a blue Toyota, that had been in line to turn left behind me at the red light, coming to a halt  - but my eyes were mostly caught by the sight of a helmeted person doing a spinning cannon-ball over the rear of the Toyota.  Then my mind took in the crunched motorcycle and debris field.  I pulled to the side of the road and called 911; while talking to the operator, I pulled into a parking lot for the shopping center on the corner.  The 911 operator told me that multiple people were on the lines about the accident, but no one knew the condition of the motorcyclist. I parked the car and ran back to the accident, still on the line with the 911 operator.
   There were five people standing at the rear of the car and to the driver's side - the motorcycle ride was lying on his back, and his feet were moving.  So I could tell the operator that the rider was alive - but she wanted to know if he was conscious and speaking.  So I finished running up to the median turn divider and yelled that question.  I was answered verbally, "Yes!" by one person; a man at the edge of the group shot me a finger (!?!).  No one was kneeling beside the victim, who by that time had drawn his knees up, and while keeping his back flat on the pavement, was moving his legs from side to side.  I relayed all that information to the 911 operator and was thanked.  She hung up immediately.  While talking to the operator, I could hear the sound of sirens approaching, so I was assured help was on the way.  What amazed me was that, as I walked away, one of the people at the end of the car yelled, "Nosy bitch!" at me.  I just shook my head and continued to my car.  The other folks there, in the meantime, were kicking the debris field closer to the car, so other vehicles could pass by them safely.  No one took any photos of the original scene that I saw.  I would have, if I had had a camera with me, or a cell phone that takes photos. (Yes, I have a cell phone; but it only takes and makes phone calls...)
   I have no idea about the condition of the rider of the motorcycle.  There was no write-up about the accident in the local newspaper, and there was no TV coverage, so I am assuming the man's injuries were not critical. But it left me with an uncertain feeling all day, and dreams of vehicular accidents last night.  So I'm trying to decide why seeing this accident has bothered me so much....

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