Friday, August 15, 2014

Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday was my sister and brother-in-law's 33rd wedding anniversary - and I remember their ceremony and reception very well.  We celebrated by having supper at the Cheesecake Factory - and we arrived before the end of Happy Hour, so all of the appetizers were half price.  Other than having to ask to see the Happy Hour menu, we all had a great time and super food - so much so that everyone took home leftovers.
  I am able to relax a bit, since I'm currently caring for Cyrano de Biggercat and Pounce de Leon, and walking Rosie, only.  I was able to spend 5 hours with my own kits yesterday, and I'm hoping for six hours today.  I was surprised to find a boxed book inside my mailbox this morning; I had to dismantle the cardboard box inside the mailbox to be able to remove the book.  Then I was able to fold the box enough to withdraw it from the mailbox - I wonder how much force the mailman had to use to get the package to go into the box?  It took me 5 minutes to get it out....
  Kathy is beginning to get excited about next year's family reunion on Chincoteague during Pony Penning.  Our first cousins Aleda and Kathy Ann live on the island, along with their spouses, kids an grandkids; first cousins Nancy, Peter and Johnny live nearby with their spouses and kids and grandkids...  Kathy and her Snow clan will be there, and I'm hoping I can get a couple of my step-children and grandkids to also attend (they're in the DC area)...   It will be grand!  I might have to change our reservations and get a larger house for the week.
   I am still upset with the suicide of  Robin Williams.  This morning I heard that he had been recently diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, according to his wife.  I wish that he had been able to contact Michael J Fox and speak with him about the effects of Parkinson's...  I know that it's an uncomfortable disease and diagnosis; my Mother had it, as well as Alzheimer's.  Perhaps that diagnosis was what put Robin "over the edge" to the point that he felt suicide was better than survival.  All I know is that I am still melancholy due to his passing.
   Thoroughbred horse racing...  Both the son of Zenyatta, Cozmic One, and the son of Rachel Alexandra, Jess's Dream, are continuing their training at Saratoga Springs.  I hope to see these two colts race against each other next year.  What I have to admit is that I don't like Rachel's eyes; so I have always preferred Zenyatta to RA.  I think I'm favoring Cozmic One over Jess's Dream already.

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