Friday, August 29, 2014

Football - College and Pro

Wow.  The SEC Network kicked off the season with live coverage of the South Carolina Gamecocks hosting Texas A & M; and with a pre-game, half-time, and post-game analysis that included new sportscaster Timmy Tebow.  The Gamecocks were ranked 9th in the nation in pre-season polls, and, under Head Coach Steve Spurrier (whom I have loved for 50 years), it seemed about right.  Texas A & M, having lost Johnny Football at quarterback, was ranked 21st.  I watched to the bitter end....  Texas A & M beat the Gamecocks 52 to 28.  The South Carolina defense had no counter for the Aggie's offense.  Dylan Thompson, the 5th year SC quarterback, was a steadying influence for the Gamecocks, but Texas ran over the home team.  The quiet in the stadium was very strange.  And SC has a hard schedule coming up, too.  I hope the Ol' Ball Coach can regroup and win the rest of his games this season!
  The Broncos won their last pre-season game last night, without putting many starters on the field. The Dallas Cowboys fell 27 to 3 at home.  With Matt Prater out for the first four games, the Bronco tried out McManus  - he managed to make 2 of 4 field goals from beyond 50 yards.  Broncos fans are used to Matt making everything under 63 yards...
  And I had to laugh.  How does the NFL decide the amount that they fine someone?  Last week, Peyton Manning got up in D J Swearinger's face and "taunted" him, after Swearinger had tackled Wes Welker and given him a third concussion.  I imagine that Peyton said a few choice, nasty words, but neither he nor Swearinger repeated what was said.  The reason I had to laugh yesterday, was seeing that the NFL had fined Peyton  $8,428 for his "taunting" (or, dressing down) of Swearinger.  I don't think that amount will hurt Peyton's wallet too much, and it was probably a great relief to give Swearinger a vocal piece of his mind.
  The other NFL announcement made me cheer and pump my fists.  The league is finally shutting down on players (and, I hope, coaches) who abuse their spouses.  Ray Rice of the Ravens was given a two-game suspension after punching his then fiance (now wife) in the face.   Now, any player who is found guilty of domestic abuse will be suspended for 6 weeks and six games without pay for the first offense; a second offense will result in a lifetime ban from the NFL.  Finally, some protection for the spouses!

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