Friday, August 8, 2014


Still running around like a maniac, but I've added two more client families to my list - one is a block away from Githens Acres, my usual stomping ground, and one is 3.5 miles east-northeast from there.  One family has two cats, one has two dogs, and both are referrals from long-time clients.  How nice.  Meeting the cats, I asked if either of the owners knew that Pounce had an abscess on his back - they were horrified, and the vet saw the cat in the afternoon, drained the spot and put the cat on antibiotics.  (Both neutered male cats are indoor/outdoor cats and are territorial regarding their yard.)  The dogs are female Brittany Spaniels and are very loving and human-oriented. And I found a new place for the dogs I care for to be able to swim freely - Twin Lakes has one on-leash lake and one off-leash lake, so all doggies and owners can be happy.
  I miss my kits terribly. Even though I'm seeing them twice a day for the next couple of weeks.  Lovey climbs up on my shoulder as soon as I enter the house and spends at least 15 minutes there, marking me and drooling.  Nedi comes when I'm working on the computer and wants to be scratched and snuggled with.  I've been home for 90 minutes and Nedi is out in the back yard, while Lovey is lying in her chair, watching me, and occasionally talking to me and kneading her towel.  Yesterday we managed a 70 minute nap with Lovey on my left and Nedi on my right... It certainly was refreshing!
  I still have a lot of Pony Penning photos that I need to down-load and sort through - and I finally received the three inter-library loan books I requested a week ago.  I also have C J Cherryh's latest Foreigner series book on order - it should arrive on Tuesday at the latest.   ....   The thoroughbred racing folks are beginning to concentrate on the Breeders Cup Races, that will be held on the first weekend in November.
  And I certainly enjoyed the Broncos-Seahawks game last night.  I know that it was only a pre-season game, but it was nice to beat the team that whipped our butts in the Superbowl.  It made the game just that much sweeter...  Even though I do miss seeing Champ Bailey and Eric Decker.  I wish them both the best of luck with their new teams.

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