Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Most of the snow in my back yard has melted and evaporated away - there are a few swathes of white stuff on the grass, but it's less than a fifth of the entire area.  I'm certain that there are still snow piles higher than three feet in Lynn's back yard, even after yesterday's sunshine.  Maggie Mae's yard was turning green again, nicely, yesterday, but she doesn't have the snow piles from the walkways that Lynn has.  Blue sky, bright sunshine, and I got a slight sunburn yesterday, not wearing my hat - oh, well, it'll just turn into more freckles.  The squirrels and birds are in great evidence this morning, and my neighbor Rodney has been out "walking" Harvey, his Giant Belgium rabbit, in the back yard.  Harvey is a dark grey color, and he wears a neon-green small dog harness when he's outside - and Harvey loves my cats and my toes.  Lovey pretty much ignores him, when Harvey's outside, but Nedi finds him fascinating - especially as he is now 4 times Nedi's size, but doesn't bark or hiss.
   The Colorado Department of Transportation, or CDOT, hasn't been able to come up with enough funds to widen and "improve" US 36 between Denver and Boulder.  They chose to go into a partnership with an Australian company, and make one lane of US 36 (in each direction) a Toll Lane. When this was first announced, there were several lawsuits against the "privatized toll road," but the agreement was air-tight.  It has now been announced, that if a driver purchases an electronic pass for use on US36, the cost to drive one-way will be $7 per trip.  If one does not purchase a pass, but uses the toll road, the cost will be $14 for a one-way drive.  People are now upset all over again.  I just won't be using the toll lanes, and I will plan on my drive taking longer - period.  Several of my friends, who constantly run late and are always looking for the fastest route for driving, have gotten very upset about the announced costs, and can't figure out why I'm not upset, too.  I just shrug and tell them that I give myself plenty of time to be at my destination on time, or, even, early. They say there are just too many variables in their lives...  Excuses, excuses....
   I hurried home last night to view Gotham, and wasn't happy when it turned out to be a re-run.  Then I couldn't find anything else worth my while to watch - other than Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights.  Once that was over, I crawled into bed with Lovey and thought I'd continue to read White Fire, but Lovey had other ideas, so I put my book aside, and loved, and scratched, and petted the girl, while she bathed my face and marked me with her chin.  Then Nedi joined in, and I had him kneading my right arm and nursing on it.  They both finally gave huge sighs, and curled up and went to sleep, lying on top of me.  It was a nice home-coming.

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