Monday, March 2, 2015

Ernie Visit

Another half-inch of snow yesterday - definitely not what was predicted...  We're supposed to reach 40 degrees today - but it's very grey and overcast outside; I don't know if we'll warm up that much (it's all of 10 degrees F, right now).  The kits went out and ran around for 35 minutes this morning, and both are curled up asleep at the moment.  Rodney, who lives next door, has had a guest this weekend and a huge dog.  Lovey keeps growling at it when it comes onto our patio.  
   Lovey was growling around midnight this morning, so I walked over to the door and peeked out - no dog, but Ernie, the young raccoon, was sitting directly under the door handle, while helping himself to peanuts that the squirrels had left.  We held eye contact for a few minutes; then I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a small chunk of broccoli, and took it back to the patio.  Ernie scooted away about two feet when I opened the door, and I closed it as soon as I had placed the vegetable outside.  Ernie appeared to be delighted with his greenery...  He sat down and ate every bit of the broccoli.  If I had been able to take a photo of him without the flash going off, I would have.
   I finished reading the five volumes of  Herbie Brennan's Faerie Wars last night.  I enjoyed them, and I'm sure, that I had I read them as a youngster, I would have totally loved them.  There's always the good versus evil aspect, and teenagers rebelling against authority and having scary adventures; there is magic and spells, and high camp scenes, as well as thoughtful observations.  If you have a child who's between, say, ten and fourteen, and they like to read,I highly recommend this series!

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