Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Lost City" Found and Snow

Our snow storm of yesterday was predicted to begin after the noon hour; when I walked to and from the store yesterday morning, there were light flurries of soft, flaky snow falling.  Before entering the building, I looked at the Flatirons, about a mile to the west, and saw more clouds were hugging the peaks than twenty minutes earlier.  I cancelled Rosie's walk, and told her owners that I felt it would be snowing quite a bit at our usual start time.  They sort-of laughed, and I could tell they didn't think that was correct.  At 9:30 yesterday morning, the bottom dropped out of the snow clouds, and we had almost blizzard conditions.  Rosie's owners called me and said they were sorry for doubting my snow sense...  That was a first!
   Then I laughed yesterday afternoon, when the local newspaper put up a banner headline at 2 p.m. that screamed:  Snow begins earlier than predicted; Boulder may get 9 or more inches today!  While the snow was falling quite heavily at times, there were also periods when there was nothing falling - this morning I awoke to see that the "monster storm" predicted had dumped about 5 inches...   That's nothing.  Wolf Creek Pass has had 52 inches of snow in the last 48 hours.
   And an exploratory group associated with the National Geographic Magazine, has discovered  an unknown city deep inside Honduras, which they believe is the fabled "Ciudad Bianca" that Cortez sought.  This place has also been called "The City of the Monkey God" in other tales.  All findings were left  in situ, and the group is trying to get international funding for further exploration, mapping, and preservation.  The problem is that illegal cattle ranching and slash-and-burn-clearing of the nearby rain forest is now within twelve miles of this new, unexplored site.  For more information, check out:

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