Monday, March 9, 2015

Popcorn Brain

If you read my blog, you will notice, or have noticed, that I frequently flit from one specific idea or thought to another topic that is radically different from what I started writing about.  I frequently wonder that if I had been born in the 1980s or '90s, would I have been diagnosed with ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder.  I have always been able to read and retain information easily; I may not be able to sit perfectly still for long periods, but I can definitely concentrate on one book, or one thought for hours.  So I'm pretty sure I don't have ADD.  I have also had multiple concussions, have suffered a bout of amnesia, have lost part of my sense of smell, and have migraine headaches, thanks to various accidents that have "sloshed my brain around." No matter the reason, I find that my thoughts jump like fleas from one subject to another.  I try to re-read each and every blog, before I post it, in an attempt to "tidy things up."  But there is no denying the fact that one thought frequently sets off a chain reaction of thoughts and ideas that are seemingly unlinked to one another - but suddenly stick in my mind.  I call my brain a "Popcorn Brain" because sometimes the kernels that pop and expand while flying go in some very strange directions and at very odd trajectories....  So if you ever wonder I sometimes abruptly change subjects, you now have a rather pitiful explanation from the source.
  It's been warm here for the past few days, and that weather is expected to continue through next weekend, according to the forecasters.  My cats are rejoicing in the warmth and sunshine, and the fact that some grass is appearing from under the snow carpet.  I get to spend tonight at home, after being away for four evenings, caring for other pets and houses.  I am researching a family tree for a friend, and begin walking another doggie, for a week, on Thursday.  March is usually the month when Boulder gets the most snow each year.  We're starting off pretty dry, other than a few inches at the beginning of the month.
  I hope your work week isn't too exhausting!

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