Friday, March 27, 2015

Recent News Photos from the Reuters Wire

With the headlines that accompanied these photos, if we lived in much earlier times, would we not think that Armageddon is near?
Total solar eclipse in Svalborg, Norway    20 March

Record-breaking high tides at Mont Saint-Michel, France    20 March

The black box voice recorder recovered from the German wings Airbus crash - now it's known the co-pilot was being treated for severe depression, and that his doctors did not want him to fly...

A Malayan bear, part of a huge illegal wildlife trade, that was captured by authorities in Kuala Lumpur (thankfully, still alive)    24 March

Tornado at Sand Springs, Oklahoma    25 March

New York City's East Village, where a building exploded     26 March

Flooding in Copiapo, Chile     26 March

Doom and portents?  Extreme weather?  The follies of man?  Who knows?

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