Saturday, March 28, 2015

Strangers At My Door

Yesterday seemed to be my day for strangers at my door.  At 6:35 in the morning, there was a "Shave and a haircut" knock on my door that had me scurrying to answer it.  That is Bea's knock, and for her to be up, dressed, and at my door at that time could only indicate an emergency.  Imagine my surprise when I snapped the door open, and found what appeared to be a Sumo wrestler dressed in multiple layers of sweats, astride a bicycle in the hall.  I know that my eyes opened wide and my mouth gaped.  He looked just as surprised, and said, "Oh.  I'm very sorry.  Wrong door."  I closed the door immediately, and stood there a moment, but did not  hear him knock on any other doors.
   At two in the afternoon, I was deeply involved in getting information on the Busey family, and there was a loud knock on the door.  I saved what I was working on, and opened the door with an inquiring look on my face, as I wasn't expecting anyone.  There were two females standing there, both in short skirts and high-heeled boots and with make-up that looked as if it had been applied with a trowel...  They looked at me, and I looked at them.  I finally said, "Yes?  ...  You did knock..."  and they started giggling like mad, said, "Wrong door," and left.  I just shook my head.
   At two this morning, I awoke to movement on my patio.  The cats had alerted me, and I knew it wasn't an animal, because they both dove under the bed.  I could see the shadow of a human body on my curtains.  I put on my glasses, picked up my cell phone, and sat up on the edge of he bed.  Then I heard him try to open my sliding glass door.  I took three quick steps to the curtain, and had the phone raised to my ear.  I swept the curtain back, and saw a man in jeans and a jacket, with curly dark hair, struggling to pull the door open.  It took him a moment to realize that I was standing there, looking at him. I began acting as if I were talking to the 911 assistant.  The man's eyes got very large and then he backed up, waving his arms, and saying, "Wrong apartment!  I'm sorry!  I thought this was Sheila's door!"  And he took off at a staggering run...  I don't know if he was drunk, high, or a combination of both....
    A few choice three-year-old thoroughbreds will be racing in two Derbies today - both the Louisiana Derby and the Florida Derby will take place this afternoon.  Everything looks good, working up to that first Saturday in May!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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