Thursday, June 18, 2015

All Sorts of Things - Boulder, Charleston, Eastern Shore

The flow rate of Boulder Creek has finally hit the level that causes our authorities to close the Creek for swimming, tubing, rafting, canoeing, and kayaking.  My neighbor, who disappeared while  tubing last month, is still missing.  A Denver man was fishing along the Creek up in Boulder Canyon and disappeared a few days ago.  His body was seen, floating in rapid water, and was recovered more than 24 hours later.  People around here don't understand or appreciate the power of water.
  The Aurora Theater shooting trial has lost a fifth juror.  Today, it is believed that the final witnesses for the prosecution will testify, and that the defense team will begin their side of the case soon.  The last witness for the prosecution is expected to be a woman who was shot during the movie, became paralyzed as a result of the shooting, lost the child she was then pregnant with, and also lost her 6-year-old daughter, who died from the shooting.  The defense is trying to stop her testimony - especially the showing of a photo of her dead daughter - because she is "too sympathetic."  Hummph.
  I am reeling from the news in Charleston, South Carolina.  In 1816, one hundred and ninety-nine years ago, the Emanuel American Methodist Episcopal Church was founded - to allow the African-American community a chance to worship apart from the hypocrisy of slave-owning white people.  It is the oldest existing AME Church south of Baltimore, Maryland.  Yesterday evening, a young adult white male sat in with the congregation during a Bible Study class.  After about an hour, this young man stood up and opened fire on the people in the class.  Six women and three men are dead.  The young man escaped the premises.  He is described as being about 5 feet 9 inches tall, having a slender build, and having sandy blond hair.  It is believed that he left in a dark sedan.  A manhunt is underway.  -  How can someone do this?
   On the Eastern Shore of Virginia, there was a building collapse on King Street in Onancock.  There were people working on the roof of the building, when there was a loud rumble, and the bricks began to collapse.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  The puzzle is that the building had passed a safety inspection last month - why suddenly collapse into the street on Tuesday?
    Accomack County and Amazon have reached an agreement, and a solar farm of 1,000 acres will be built near Oak Hall.  The solar farm is expected to power 15,000 homes in the area.
   And, on Chincoteague Island, 7-year-old Russell Dewire of Hughesville, Pennsylvania brought in a record-breaking first catch - a 27-inch, 7.7 pound flounder. - Way to go, Russell!

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