Friday, June 26, 2015

Away For a Few Days

I'll be taking a short break from blogging, as I start clearing out my apartment tomorrow, Saturday, and must be completely out by midnight June 30.  I've put some easily handled things into storage already - will be working my buns off (I wish!) in moving all but four major items out of the apartment by Sunday evening.  I'll pick up a van at 3 on Monday, and have to return it by 3 on Wednesday.
   My friend Beatrice and I have been applying to several different places around Boulder - we figure that if we can both pay $750 per month for ourselves and have less than 500 square feet, then we could get a two bedroom,  one-and-a-half  (or two) bathroom together and save a little bit more money.  Four places have told us we don't make enough money to qualify, and one has said we make too much.  I'm still hoping to get into a new complex on 28th Street - at the moment, the only thing holding us back from approval is a verification of Beatrice's retirement income.  (The form was sent to her this evening.) Beatrice plans on printing it, signing it, and faxing it as soon as she gets into work tomorrow.  
   Maybe I'll know by Monday evening where I'll be moving on Wednesday morning....  If we get into our chosen place, I should be able to begin blogging again on Thursday.  Otherwise, I (and the cats) will be staying in a friends mother-in-law suite in North Boulder, until we find a different place to move.  I won't mind staying at  Len and Susan's, with Lola, Cooper, Tipsi, and Pounce, but I don't know how Lovey will react to having other cats on the other side of the French doors.  If Lovey, Nedi and I end up at Tamarack Court, I'll blog whenever I can, but it probably won't be regularly.
   Enjoy your next few days without my rambling mind intruding!

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