Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I watched two robins attempting to chase a red-tailed hawk away from their nesting area and sighed.  One can fight to protect one's self, and one's family, but nature will run it's course, no matter how much you struggle against it.
    California Chrome, last year's Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, is headed back to the US - without racing in Europe, or at Royal Ascot.  He did manage to finish second in the Dubai World Cup, but his around the world tour to show off his racing prowess was pretty much a dud, as he only ran in one race...
    I was admiring Kathy and Jim's back yard yesterday - and realized that it was composed, almost equally, of grass, yellow clover, and false strawberries.  It was very peaceful.  One could hear the creek running along one side of the property, birds singing, squirrels chatting, and the buzz of bees.   I also saw rabbits playing in the yard, and watched a variety of birds foraging for food.
   Somewhere, about 10 miles west of Boulder is a cabin.  A couple (and their cats) were visiting the cabin, which belongs to a friend, when they heard a cat hissing.  This is what they video-taped:  https://youtu.be/Vnmxg4h_Mio
    And, early Monday morning, Boulder's Pearl Street Mall had an unusual visitor - a young female moose decided to window shop around 2 a.m.   Police and wildlife officials "herded" her away from the downtown retail area by using bean-bag shotguns....
   We have an ozone warning in place for today, which won't help my COPD any.  I'll spend today moving more of my belongings from the apartment into storage - and hope I get good news from Lumine soon.

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