Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stress and Other Things

I've never reacted well to stress.  I've been under stress since my sister's diagnosis of breast cancer in November.  I've worried about having enough money for the family reunion trip to Chincoteague in July and August.  Then, I get informed that my apartment lease won't be renewed and I need to find a new home for myself and my two cats within four weeks.  Stress?  What's that?
  I had to blow my nose last night.  I realized, as the tissue touched my upper lip, that it was painful enough to bring tears to my eyes.  My recurrent shingles have decided to make another visit, thanks to the stress.  That means 5 to 10 weeks of of open, gooey sores on my upper lip, directly below my nose.  That means it will look like I have a boogerey blob under my right nostril for the next month or two.  I did not want this for my vacation.  I don't want the terrible nausea and diarrhea that the shingles medicine causes on top of the way I already feel.  I already have nausea and diarrhea, thanks to the stress I'm under.
   Thanks for listening/reading.  I needed to whine.
The idiot 21-year-old man who shot and killed nine church-goers in Charleston has been caught, and has allegedly confessed to the shootings.  What a stupid jerk.  He says he's afraid that African-Americans are taking over the world.  Maybe he should live here in Boulder, where less than 2% of the population is African-American. - Then again, we don't want him here.
  Yesterday, the prosecution finished their case against the man accused of the Aurora Theater shootings.  The court will re-convene on Thursday to hear the case for the defense.  It's taken 8 weeks for the prosecution to present their case.  Now the defense has to convince the jury that their client was insane at the time of the shooting.  Their presentations should be extremely interesting and possibly entertaining.
   The Larkspur Renaissance Festival opens today.  I'd love to go, but I'm counting pennies.  The Royal Gorge White Water Festival begins today.  The Leadville Marathon and Half-Marathon will be run this weekend.  The Greeley Stampede begins this weekend.
   Fireman's Carnivals all over the Eastern Shore begin this weekend.  Both the Hebron, Maryland and the Wachapreague, Virginia Carnivals began last night.
   And today is the Assateague Coastkeeper's birthday!  Happy birthday, sweetie!  We love you for all the things that you do!

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