Friday, June 5, 2015

Wild Weather in Colorado

While I was sitting in the Boulder Justice Center, listening to testimony to the Grand Jury, all hell broke loose around us.  When we stepped outside, after the hearing, we looked up at the clouds above us, and said it smelled like rain.  Got in the car, got home, turned on the news, and gaped.  Several reported tornadoes in and around Berthoud and Simla, over two feet of hail in southwest Denver, and 5 to 8 inches of rain fell around the tornadoes.  A lot of the town of Hygiene is under water, and the Big Thompson River may flood (look out, Lyons).  The Cache le Poudre River is flooding again.  Boulder is under a Flash Flood Warning until 9 o'clock tonight.  Then, early this morning, the road caved in in Sheridan, a suburb of Denver, and swallowed a police officer driving his police department SUV - the hole is more than 15 feet deep, and contains active gas lines.  Yikes!
Hail in Denver this morning

Yesterday's hail next to a golf ball

Yesterday's hail in southwest Denver

The tornado at Simla

Tornado damage near Berthoud

Tornado damage near Berthoud

Tornado that struck Berthoud

Sheridan police SUV slowly sinks into 15 foot deep sinkhole

And today is National Doughnut Day!

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