Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I begin taking care of Finn today, and I'm eager to see what's happening with the boy.  He's a "Golden-Doodle", being a cross between a Golden Retriever and a standard Poodle.  I've taken care of him since he was four months old, and I've watched him grow and mature over the years.  His owners think of him as a clown - and he can be very funny.  I guess I'm weird in that I give him choices of toys and things to do, and it's interesting to watch him think things over and make a decision.  But, now I have a "new" Finn to deal with.
   His owners called me, very upset, because he was involved in an accident.  The vet had to remove five vertebrae from the end of Finn's tail after the accident.  Finn has a food allergy, but otherwise, he's never been ill, sick, or hurt (I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember his neuter).  Finn has always been very out-going and personable, eager to go on walks and out for a drive in the car.  He does patrol his yard, though, and barks ferociously at squirrels and deer on the other side of the fence.   This morning, I was told that, since his accident, his personality has changed.  He doesn't want to go out into the yard without company, and, on walks, once he has relieved himself, he wants to go back home.
   The vet doesn't want him to over-do it, physically, and I can understand why.  I'll take Finn to a follow-up check-up on Thursday at 1:30, and will then relay all information to his owners.  With his tail not yet healed, I can't take him to visit Tessa, because he loves/loved to jump into the koi pond.  Maybe I can take him to visit Rosie and also go over to Kathy and Jim's back yard with him.  Poor boy!  I want to help him regain confidence, and his swagger, again!

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