Friday, May 6, 2016

New Foals on the Virginia End of Assateague - Photos

Since I last posted Chincoteague pony babies photographs, eight more have arrived in Virginia.  Each of these photos was taken by DSC Photography, and their work is copyrighted.  I share these photos with their gracious permission.  Under each photo is the name of the mother (dam) and presumed father (sire); if the sex is known, it is stated....

Molly Rosebud - Ace's Black Tie Affair   Colt

Leah's Bayside Angel - Sockett To Me

Suzy's Sweetheart - Riptide 

Bay Girl - Riptide   Colt

Tiger Lily - Ace       Filly

Catwalk Chaos - Ajax      Filly

Poco's Starry Night - Riptide

Destiny Feathered Spirit has also had her foal, but, as yet, we have no photos.

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