Thursday, June 2, 2016

An Evening Visitor

Since we've moved into the apartment building that sits directly on CO 36, the Old Pony Express Route, and the main road through Boulder, I have seen a lot of birds, squirrels and cottontail rabbits.Our building faces 36 to the east, but we live on the southwest corner, and have an open space park with a creek running through it, about 200 yards away.  We've been feeding the squirrels and the small birds since we moved in.  We have a good, heavy, metal edged feeder that we put sunflower seeds in for the birds, and we scatter nuts, corn, and fruit and veggies for the squirrels.
  I have frequently seen a red tailed hawk perched on the telephone pole where Bertrando, the friendliest squirrel, suns in the morning, and he also takes his food up there to eat.  I've never said anything to Beatrice, as she does not like raptors at all.  I kept my mouth shut for 11 months regarding the hawk, but I usually see him/her early in the morning, once or twice a month.  I had just gotten the cats off the balcony, a short while ago, and closed the sliding glass door, when I noticed quite a few birds flying in front of my bedroom window - next to the balcony.  I didn't remark upon it, as we have flocks of sparrows, finches, starlings, and ravens frequent the area.  Then a big shadow went by the window, and Lovey, who was in the windowsill, started her "Let me eat you" chittering.  Nedi quickly joined her.  We had a very large red tailed hawk sitting on our balcony railing.  I grabbed my camera and was able to get one good shot -
The bird was intent on a pigeon that had landed on the balcony, and had gone under our low table that the plants sit on.
   What a huge majestic bird - such power....
  The moment didn't last long as Beatrice ran out with a windshield snow brush and scared the hawk - but it didn't fly away until the poor pigeon left first.  I hope the pigeon escaped, but I also know about the circle of life and death...  The hawk is still a glorious bird!

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