Monday, June 6, 2016

Beautiful Day

Such a beautiful day...  We did have a thunderstorm this afternoon, but even it was delightful.  Since I'm sitting at Rosie's, today was a day of visits.  Modesta came to clean the house, and Mark is outside working in the yard, even though it's now well into dusk.  We got all of the new lease paperwork into our rental office - all 27 pages - and got over to UPS to return Beatrice's shoes, as they were too tight, even though they were a wide size...  I walked Emmett and Nicodemus at noon, and put the one drop of medication into Demus' right eye.  They are such good boys.
  Rosie got up four times during the night and walked into Max's room, then came back into the master bedroom and walked into the bath and then the closet.  Then she'd look at me and heave a big sigh...  She did a good job of making me feel inconsequential this morning.  But she'd just gotten used to having Max at home, and now he's gone back to the East Coast for his Broadway internship in the Big Apple.  She misses her family, and I don't blame her in the least.
  I received a wonderful gift in the mail Saturday - a bookmark that my friend Jack made me.  It contains a huge shamrock that he grew on his porch in Archer, Florida last summer.  Jack became my music teacher at Lake Forest Elementary in January 1966, when I was in Mrs. Adelaide Ford's fourth grade class.  My parents soon adopted him as a son, and I suddenly had a big brother, who was Mr. Carter at school, and Jack anywhere else...  Jack has always been a superb friend and has seen me through many a rough patch.  I try to send him e-cards on every special occasion and holiday I can think of - especially cards that contain classical music, or church music that is new to me.  And I was happy to hear from him that he has started writing music for the organ at his church again...   He is one nice, loving man.

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