Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Flag Day - Display It With Honor

Today is Flag Day in America.  We are supposed to honor our flag, and fly it proudly.  When I was teaching kindergarten, I was surprised when a parent came to me and asked how many stripes were  on our flag, and what they stood for.  She wasn't an immigrant, she was at least a five-generation American-born citizen. I was without words; she had never learned the facts about our national symbol - "Old Glory."
   The three colors - red, white, and blue - symbolize certain things on our flag.  The color red is for valor; the color white is for liberty and purity; and the color blue stands for loyalty.  The first official flag for America was flown on 14 June 1777.  The thirteen red and white stripes indicate the first thirteen colonies, which became the first states.  When the flag was first raised, the canton, or field of blue, had 13 stars.  As states joined the union, stars were added, with the 50th added in 1960 to recognize the state of Hawai'i.
  The flag was meant as a symbol to show the unity of our country - I hope she can hold together in the next few years.  The current group of ranting hate-bearers in our political halls frightens me.

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