Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back in Boulder

We've had a couple of mornings in the upper-40s  (F) this past week, and at 6:15 this morning, it was 50 degrees.  I knew I'd be moving about, so I wore shorts and a T-shirt, which got a lot of stares from the locals...  They were wearing sweat suits with hoodies, and huddling into them.  Yesterday, it was 78 degrees, but cloudy, and people were wearing sweat suits...  I guess outside temperature is a based a little on your mind set.  I was never cold this morning, but, then again, I was moving purposefully and doing work with the fish, hens and cats.  Oh, well - I've always known I'm different.
   Nedi is currently sitting in my window and chittering at the raven family visiting Chez Thuy's dumpster.  Lovey is curled up on my bed.  And Bertrando, the squirrel, is up on top of his power pole, soaking up rays.  I've already taken care of the critters at Dellwood, read my mail, and made my usual posts to Facebook.  I need to take out our trash and recyclables as I leave to walk Rosie and Charlie; then I'll head over to the ABCs and go with them to Denver International Airport, before grabbing my overnight gear and heading back to their house.  Two kitties and two dogs - all with very different personalities, and both dogs are rescues...  I need to remember that Lola won't like any eye contact during the first 24 hours I'm there.  Both cats will want to be in my lap, and, if I sit on the sofa, the dogs will want to have their heads in my lap....  Critter love is great.
   I had a fantastic time on my vacation - I got to spend time with friends and family that I hadn't seen in years.  It was a very relaxed and enjoyable time, and I spent time on the beach, out boating, and walking the trails of Assateague (both in Virginia and Maryland).  Karen and I became better acquainted, as adults, and I got to see her brother, Woody, whom I hadn't seen in more than 30 years.  I had wonderful times with Maureen and her daughters, and was thrilled to get to spend time with all of them.  They are a fantastic family.  Of course, Maureen and I talked about Pony Pennings in the 1940s and 1950s, and how things have changed...  some for the good, others, not so much.
    Back here in Colorado, I'm busy as a bee.  I have work to do with all my different critters each day, and I've finally got 10 of my 11 vacation photo albums posted on-line.  All I have to do is caption the last one, and share it...  Then I'll have more free time to read and walk and do genealogy research.  I'm looking forward to that. - And sending a few "best of the best" photo collections to good friends who have expressed an interest.
   Lovey just had her 11th birthday, and she's gotten a little more "clingy" to me.  She runs through the house and howls, and plays with shoe strings, and gets high on catnip.  But my favorite thing to observe is when she chases her tail on the toilet tank reservoir - she really wants to capture that black and grey striped "sea snake," and she sometimes falls off the toilet and into the trash can when things get intense...  I'm so thankful that she's still a playful kitten inside!

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